Social Video Editor

Werkgever: truus Vacature Type: Full Time Locatie: Amsterdam Truus is a sort-of new advertising agency and we make advertising for real people. This means we make advertising for more than just big city hipsters, because the brands we love working for (Netflix, KFC, HEMA, Oxxio and more) have mainstream audiences. And those real people are indeed on Instagram all day, but they don’t know what an acai bowl is. Or HIIT. Or Daily Paper. And so the stuff we make is creative and modern, but also understandable for everyone. Simple but not stupid. ABOUT THE JOB Social Video Editors are part of our video team, and work on the TikToks, videos and all moving IG/FB content we make for our clients like Netflix, HEMA, KFC, Philips, etc. You will join our social video team who come up with and shoot the social videos we make for our clients. The focus for you will be on editing and creating awesome content from all the footage and ideas that are being made. You’ll work together with other social video people, creative directors, producers and seniors to make the best content we can. You should have a great grasp on Adobe’s editing software, obviously, but we also hope you have some talents in animation, motion graphics and overall social vibes to make content that pops off the screen. Just to be clear, we do not make motion pictures or documentaries at Truus so hopefully that’s not your ambition — the content we make is quick, simple and social but watched by millions of people. Fun! If that sounds like a dream job, it kinda is! But please do note that we work with some of the coolest brands in the world. The pressure will be high and we do expect you to have a golden eye. If you give us your best, we’ll make sure you have all the freedom and perks you need to stay healthy and happy. This is a full time job. We are not interested in freelancers (we already work with some who we love and are very loyal to). WHO ARE YOU How do I know I’m qualified? Your age, gender, sexuality, background, etc don’t really matter. We also don’t really care what you studied. Either you got it or you don’t. However, we do require… that you have experience with editing successful social videos that people watch, share and like. Though we support hobbyists and dreamers, this is a job for someone who knows how to get the job done. that you have technical proficiency with Adobe editing software. that you are fluent in Dutch and English that you are nice and kind and chill. WHAT WE OFFER We are an advertising agency that just turned 4 years old. Happy birthday to us! We offer all the cliches: a young and dynamic organization, no 9 to 5 mentality, bla bla bla. Culturally we don’t like arrogance or drugs or complaining. We are big fans of boring things like working hard, trying your best and talking about your feelings. In exchange for a pretty high bar you get a good salary, new MacBook, unlimited vacation days and the flexibility to live your life. Interested?? Send an email to jobs@truus.coHet bericht Social Video Editor verscheen eerst op The Best Social Jobs.
03-01-2024 10:20